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Take your agency to the next level with the best CRM for travel agencies to control individual trips and centralize all your suppliers, vendors and services.

What can be customized in TravelManagement ?

TravelManagement is 100% customizable, which means that you can easily add your agency's information, such as contact numbers, address and even your own logo.

What problems does TravelManagement solve?

TravelManagement solves problems related to editing complicated receipts, confusion when submitting reservations and quotes, and saves valuable time by streamlining work and streamlining processes.

What benefits does the TravelManagement offer customers?

TravelManagement allows you to professionally send reservations and quotes to clients, helping to provide exceptional service and create unforgettable experiences for them.

What kind of solution does the TravelManagement offer?

TravelManagement offers a perfect solution to streamline work and optimize processes in an agency, allowing you to send reservations and quotes in a professional manner.

What is the main objective of the TravelManagement ?

The primary goal of the TravelManagement is to enable agencies to save time on tedious tasks, provide exceptional service, and create unforgettable customer experiences.

What questions do our customers ask most often?

You can register reservations, quotes, and receipts via email, accommodation, flights, and other general services.

The available payment methods are: cash, bank deposit, transfers, POS terminal, PayPal, and Conekta payment.

The suppliers module allows you to keep track of debts and payments (emails are sent to suppliers when paying). It also provides support at all times for all payments and sends notifications of payment deadlines.

The vendors module allows you to keep records of commissions and commission payments (emails are sent to vendors when paying).

Customer categorization allows you to record observation notes, preferences, and other relevant details to offer personalized and better-adapted service to their needs.

The most important metrics you will obtain monthly are: total reservations, total quotes, daily reservations, daily quotes, vendor and supplier production, income, and expenses.

Yes, you will be able to preview the reservation before confirming it. This allows you to review and verify reservation details such as dates, times, selected services, prices, among others, before finalizing the booking process.

Yes, it is possible to modify the information related to payments made, such as the amount, date, payment method, among others.

TravelManagement provides payment support by sending payment emails and payment receipts.

TravelManagement sends notifications for reservations, payments, or cancellations of any kind. This ensures timely communication and resolution.

Yes, it is possible to set monthly goals that can be adjusted or configured according to certain parameters, tailored to the needs of your agency.

TravelManagement offers totalizers or summaries of debts to suppliers and vendors, reservations, and payments. These totalizers provide key information for management and decision-making, allowing better control and analysis of the financial and operational situation of your agency.

You can visualize reservations and quotes on a daily and monthly basis.

Yes, TravelManagement offers the function of visualizing the event history, accessing a complete and chronological record of all relevant actions. You have the ability to track and review all actions taken, which facilitates auditing, troubleshooting, and tracking of past activities in the system.

TravelManagement keeps a record of destinations, airlines, and services. This allows for an up-to-date and complete database of available destinations, associated airlines, and offered services.

TravelManagement offers basic group management. It allows you to organize and manage groups, create, edit, and perform specific actions. Basic group management facilitates efficient administration of clients or users.

TravelManagement allows users to view the account statement, access and see a detailed summary of related transactions. The account statement shows the record of income, expenses, payments, and any other movements. This information is useful for accurate tracking.

Yes, it is possible to configure commissions for online payments. This functionality allows you to set a percentage or fixed amount of commission that will be applied to payments made online. By configuring commissions, the calculation and recording of commissions corresponding to each transaction can be managed in an automated way.

Yes, it is possible. This allows you to configure and use a customized email account to send and receive emails, which provides a more professional appearance as emails will be sent from an address with your own domain.

Reports can be generated for payments to suppliers and customers, sales, services acquired, supplier production, monthly supplier production, monthly vendor production, passenger list (list for a tour), and room list (list for hotel or operator submission). All of this with a single click, optimizing your time.

TravelManagement allows up to 15 user accounts, which you can add as needed.

Yes, it is possible to view vendor production. This functionality allows you to access visual graphics that show the sales or production performance of the vendor, providing a clear and understandable visual presentation of sales or production over periods of time, facilitating the tracking and analysis of their performance.

TravelManagement allows you to keep an inventory of the group and blocked rooms. You can reserve and assign specific rooms, ensuring they are exclusively available for that group. Additionally, you can block rooms, preventing them from being assigned to other clients. This management helps ensure that groups have the necessary rooms and contributes to better planning and organization of accommodation capacity.

TravelManagement offers a dynamic service coupon that can be displayed in various ways, according to the needs of your agency.

Merida Viajes

  • The modernization of our customer support channel in TravelManagement has meant a radical change for our team. By simplifying our operations, we have been able to significantly reduce weekly work hours, while providing more personalized attention and support to each client that contacts us.

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