Personal reservation management tool that allows you to keep track of your travel agent's accommodation, flights and general services along with coupon generators, vouchers and 15 different types of reports.


  1. Reservations and quotes

    Registration of reservations and quotes and receipts via email: Accommodation, flights and services in general

  2. Payment control

    Control your clients' payments with various forms of payment available in the system: Cash, bank deposit, bank terminal, payment via PayPal and via Conekta

  3. Suppliers

    Provider module that allows you to have a record of debts and payment of debts (emails are sent to your provider when paying)

  4. Sellers

    Sellers module that allows you to have records of commissions and commission payments (emails are sent to your seller when paying)

  5. Vendor payment limits and customer payment limits

  6. Categorized customers

    Allows you to record notes of observations, preferences, etc.

  7. Metrics

    Control panel with the most important metrics per month

  8. Preview

    You will be able to have a preview of the reservation

  9. Payment edition

  10. Send e-mails of travel agency payments and payment receipts

  11. Notifications

    Notifications of reservations, payments or cancellations of any kind

  12. Goals

    Parameterized monthly goals

  13. Totalizers of debts to suppliers and vendors and reservations and payments

  14. Totalizers for:

    Debits to suppliers and vendors, reservations and payments

  15. Reservations and quotes for the day and the month

  16. View the event history

  17. Keep track of destinations, airlines and services

  18. Basic group handling

  19. View the account status

  20. Commission settings (Online payments)

  21. You can use the email account of your domain to send e-mail

  22. You will be able to make the reports of:

    Payments to suppliers and customers, sales, purchased services, supplier production, supplier monthly production, seller monthly production, passenger list (List for a tour), room list (List for delivery to the hotel or operator)

  23. You can have unlimited user accounts

  24. View the Seller's production graphics (Seller's Module)

  25. Inventory of rooms for a group (management of locked rooms)

  26. Dynamic service coupon

    You can view the coupon in different ways depending on your need