The tour management tool will allow you to create web pages per tour with an attractive design where you can make all your hosting services available to your clients for reservation and payment.


  1. Control of daily or scheduled tours

  2. You have a personalized reservation site for the passenger, which includes:

    General information, photos and video, google maps location

  3. Enter key data to the website such as: company, social networks, email and physical address (links or personalized links)

  4. Enter privacy notices, configurable terms and conditions

  5. Payment methods and forms of payment: online payments, connections with Conekta or PayPal, Credit card (Visa, MasterCard), payment in oxxo

  6. Offline payment methods: Cash, deposit, bank transfer

  7. The passenger will be able to view the account status

  8. Protection of all your customers' data

  9. General system settings

  10. Enter and personalize your company data; in addition to that you can upload your logos

  11. Control of places and allocation of places in transport (Automatic when booking)

  12. You can enter the corresponding bank accounts

  13. Commission and rate settings

  14. Reservation and payment management

  15. You will have better organized your passenger list

  16. Send payment reminders to customers by e-mail

  17. You can have a supplier module.

  18. Push notifications of: Reservation, payment or credit, when the client provides the deposit receipt

  19. Generate reports

    You will be able to have the reports of: Sales, payments, debts and payments to the supplier