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You will manage your daily or scheduled tours or events that require tickets in a unique and simple way

What is the main function of Tours Edition?

The main function of Tours Edition is to facilitate the management of trips, payments and online sales for tour spaces.

What options do I have in Tours Edition to organize the tour itinerary?

With Tours Edition, it is possible to organize the tour itinerary in a simple and efficient way.

Is it possible to upload the tour presentation images?

With Tours Edition, tour presentation images can be uploaded to display visual appeal and attract customers.

What options does Tours Edition give me to configure prices?

You can configure the prices that you want to charge for the tours, and it is possible to manually load the rates in MXN and dollars.

What options are offered for down payments?

Tours Edition allows you to select whether an initial payment is required at the time of booking the tours.

Can Tours Edition request personalized data from clients?

Yes, Tours Edition allows customers to request personalized data to adapt the service according to their needs.

Is it possible to set promotional prices with Tours Edition?

Yes, it is possible to set promotional prices to attract more customers and increase sales.

Are there any other outstanding features of Tours Edition?

In addition to the mentioned functions, Tours Edition offers other additional features that can be useful for tour management, passenger list, payment control, etc.

What questions do our customers ask most often?

It is possible to control daily and scheduled tours, circuits, excursions, soccer matches, concerts, etc.

It offers a personalized booking site for passengers that includes general information, photos, videos, and location on Google Maps. Our goal is to provide passengers with a complete and transparent experience when planning and booking their trip. Through our site, passengers can obtain detailed information about the destination, view images to get a better idea of what awaits them, and access the precise location through Google Maps to facilitate navigation.

Yes, it is possible. This can be done to facilitate visitors' access and interaction with the agency. By providing custom links to the agency's social media accounts, users can easily access the official accounts and follow updates. Similarly, visitors are allowed to make direct contacts or easily find the physical location of the agency.

Yes, this can be done to comply with data protection regulations. By being configurable, privacy notices and terms and conditions can be tailored to the specific needs of your agency and reflect its privacy policy and usage rules. This helps establish a relationship of trust with visitors and comply with the corresponding legal and regulatory obligations.

Tours Edition offers connectivity with various options for payment methods and forms to provide convenience and flexibility to our clients. These options include online payments, secure transactions through our online platform, connections with payment service providers like Conekta or PayPal, credit card payments (Visa, MasterCard) on our website, and the option of cash payment in OXXO stores with a barcode. These options are designed to adapt to our clients' preferences and needs.

Offline payment methods include cash, deposit, and bank transfer.

Yes, passengers can view their account statement, allowing them to verify and keep a record of all transactions made. This provides transparency and security in their relationship with the travel agency.

Customer data is protected through security and privacy measures that ensure its confidentiality.

The general system configuration refers to the customization and optimization of parameters, definitions, and system-wide options. This facilitates the management and administration of your travel agency, adapting it to your specific needs.

By customizing your agency's data, you can upload logos and perform various actions such as customizing the agency's contact information (name, address, phone, email), adding additional information such as product or service descriptions, business hours, return policies, among other relevant details. You can also establish the visual identity of your agency through logos.

Seat check is done automatically when you make a reservation. This allows you to efficiently manage occupancy and ensure that every passenger has a place. By automating this process, booking is expedited and errors are minimized.

Yes, you can register and associate bank accounts to carry out transactions such as payments or deposits. By entering these bank accounts, payment and transaction management is facilitated, providing a convenient and secure option for operating with your agency.

Yes, you can configure commissions and fees for your products and services. This functionality gives you flexibility and control over how to establish prices and associated payments. You can adapt them to the needs and characteristics of your agency and adjust commissions and fees as required changes arise.

Passengers can make their reservations through various channels: online, by phone, or in person. The system automatically records reservations and payments made online, and the customer can add reservations requested through other means. Then, reservations can be tracked, their status updated, changes or cancellations made, and notifications or reminders sent to customers. Regarding payments, the system allows for managing collections and recording details. Different payment methods can be used according to the preferences and options available in your agency.

Yes, Tours Edition provides you with the passenger list for each tour easily. You just have to download it. Additionally, it allows entering and storing passenger information, facilitating search, update, and tracking. You can enter all the necessary passenger data, such as names, surnames, preferences, and other relevant details.

Yes, it is possible to send payment reminders to customers. This functionality automates the process of reminding about pending or overdue payments and sends notifications directly to customers through their registered email address in the system. These reminders can include details about the amount owed, due date, payment options, and any other relevant information. This practice helps maintain effective communication with customers and encourages timely payment follow-up.

Yes, you can have a suppliers module. This module is designed to organize information related to suppliers. It allows registering and keeping supplier information up to date, such as names, contact details, payment terms, transaction history, and other relevant details.

Yes, it is possible to receive push notifications for reservations, payments, or deposits when the customer provides the deposit receipt. These notifications are sent directly through the platform. They can include details of the reservation or transaction, such as the amount paid, reservation date, confirmation number, and others. This provides a convenient way to stay informed about the progress of reservations and payments, facilitating real-time management and tracking.

Yes, it is possible to generate reports on sales, payments, debts, and payments to suppliers. These reports provide detailed and organized information in less than 2 minutes.


  • The system that we offer gives our clients the possibility of reserving their spaces in our excursions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. For our company, this tool represents a comprehensive solution for organization and control of key aspects, which improves and optimizes our operation and service to our valued customers.