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The best event organizer for your destination weddings, xv years, congresses, groups with blockade or incentives that require lodging.

Does Planners Edition allow you to manage payments securely?

Yes, Planners Edition offers a payment management function that guarantees the security of transactions. It provides a secure environment for participants to make their online payments for rooms or other services related to the event. This ensures the confidentiality of financial data and provides peace of mind for both organizers and participants.

What additional advantages does Planners Edition offer in managing events and reservations?

In addition to the aforementioned benefits, Planners Edition offers a centralized overview of all reservations, making it easy to coordinate and plan the event. It also provides a payment tracking system that helps ensure efficient financial management.

How can Planners Edition improve flexibility with clients in event management?

By having accurate reservation information in real time, Planners Edition allows you to be flexible with clients when making adjustments or changes to reservations. This helps meet the individual needs of each client and provide a more personalized service.

What functionalities does the Planners Edition offer for the management of payments and online sale of rooms at events?

Planners Edition offers various features, such as customizing the event site (whether it's a wedding, convention or other group), where you can specify the prices you want to charge. In addition, it allows you to manually load rates, events, hotels, services, etc. It also provides the option to upload group presentation images and organize the event agenda.

Is it possible to upload images related to the group or event on the custom site?

Yes, Planners Edition allows you to upload presentation images of the group or event. This allows you to further personalize the site and provide an engaging viewing experience for participants. By uploading the images, you can highlight the identity and theme of the group, creating a more personalized and attractive environment.

How can prices be customized in Planners Edition?

Planners Edition provides the option to set the desired prices for the event in question. This allows us to adapt the prices of the rooms and services to the specific needs and requirements of the event. Prices can be manually uploaded and adjusted as needed.

What benefits are obtained by organizing the event agenda in the Planners Edition?

By using Planners Edition to organize the event agenda, you get greater efficiency and clarity in the schedule. It allows keeping an orderly record of the activities, times and locations of each event within the general program. This facilitates communication with the participants and helps to ensure that everything goes according to plan, avoiding confusion or overlapping schedules.

What is one of the biggest time savings you can get from using Planners Edition?

One of the main benefits of Planners Edition is saving time on booking adjustments and late payment reminders. Planners Edition automates these processes, allowing you to spend more time on other important tasks in your business.

What questions do our customers ask most often?

Yes, the website can be customized for each couple, providing general information, photos, videos, and location on Google Maps. This site is designed for guests to get details about their reservation, detailed information, and services offered for a better understanding of what they can expect.

Yes, you can add agency information to the website, such as agency details, links to social media, email, and physical address, using custom links. This data can be structured and presented in an accessible way, facilitating interaction for visitors. These custom links offer greater convenience and accessibility to visitors of your agency's website.

Yes, it is possible to include custom privacy notices and terms and conditions according to the specific needs and requirements of your agency. This helps provide clear and transparent information to guests.

The system accepts various payment methods to offer convenient options to users. These include online payments, connections with Conekta, PayPal, credit cards, and Oxxo. It is important to have accounts for these payment methods.

The payment options available for customers without credit accounts are cash, bank deposit, and bank transfer.

Yes, in Planners Edition, guests can view their account status. This allows them to access detailed information about their transactions, payments made, and outstanding balances. This feature provides transparency and control to guests, generating greater trust and security with the agency.

The system implements various security measures to ensure the protection of customer data. These measures include data encryption, restricted access, network security, and data backup and recovery. The goal is to safeguard confidential customer information and ensure their privacy.

Yes, in Planners Edition, you can easily enter and customize agency data. Users have the option to add relevant information such as the agency's name, address, contact number, and other necessary details. Additionally, the system allows you to upload and customize agency logos, providing a more professional appearance to the platform.

Yes, Planners Edition allows you to enter the bank accounts associated with the agency. Users have the option to add their bank account information, such as the bank name and account number. This facilitates payment management, as guests can make deposits, transfers, and other transactions using those accounts. By entering the accounts, a direct connection is established with the system, streamlining the payment processes and contributing to better control and tracking of transactions made.

Yes, Planners Edition offers the ability to configure and customize commissions, hotels, occupancy, events, staff, and rates according to the needs and requirements of the agency. This allows adapting the system to the agency's policies, providing flexibility in commission management, hotel and room allocation, event scheduling, staff management, and rate setting. By configuring these variables, users can establish rules and parameters that align with their agency.

Planners Edition generates personalized coupons for accommodation or service reservations, which can be printed or sent by email to the client. It also provides a standard format for creating and viewing reservations, which can be customized according to the agency's preferences.

Payment records with date, amount, and method used, generation of receipts containing details such as the client's name, date, and payment amount, which can be printed or sent electronically, and outstanding balance control, which keeps a record of customers' pending balances to facilitate follow-up and management of pending payments, providing a clear view of accounts receivable. These functionalities help maintain accurate control of payments made by customers.

Yes, Planners Edition offers the functionality to generate payment reports that can be printed or sent via email. These reports contain detailed information about the recorded transactions, including payment date, amount, method used, and other relevant details. You can print the report for a physical record or send it via email to the respective recipients, such as clients, suppliers, or other stakeholders.

Yes, Planners Edition generates personalized rooming lists for events. These rooming lists include the name of each guest, the assigned room, dates, total amount, amount paid, and outstanding balance. Additionally, it provides information about tour operators associated with the event, facilitating the organization and management of accommodations for guests.

The suppliers module is an integral part of the system used to manage and maintain information related to the agency's service providers. It provides functionalities to enter and manage key data, such as supplier names, addresses, contact details, transaction history, and other relevant information. This module also offers tools to facilitate the process of selecting suppliers, evaluating their performance, making payments, and maintaining effective communication with them. In summary, the suppliers module helps you manage and maintain an efficient relationship with your service providers.

Planners Edition allows you to send payment reminders to guests through email messages. These reminders are used as an effective means of communication to remind guests of pending payments. The emails include details such as the amount owed, the original due date, and any other relevant information. The main objective is to streamline the collection process and ensure that payments are made in a timely manner.

Push notifications are messages sent through the system to inform you about relevant activities related to your events, payments, or installments. These notifications keep you informed about updates and allow you to stay up-to-date with important developments in real time. For example, you will receive notifications when new reservations are made, payments are received, or installments are registered. These notifications provide the necessary information to keep your events updated and efficiently manage them.

Planners Edition allows you to register up to 15 users or responsible individuals for your events. This provides flexibility to assign different roles and responsibilities to your team, ensuring efficient and collaborative event management.

Emotiva - Bodas destino

  • I want to highly recommend the company Softfabrics. We have been working with them for over a year and I am very satisfied with the results. Our clients are very happy with the service, they like to receive the information in a punctual and orderly manner in their emails. In addition, other couples are also very satisfied with the system, as it allows them to access their wedding information in real time and guests can easily make reservations.

  • PLANNERS EDITION - Travel agency

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  • I want to highly recommend SoftFabrics company. They have provided exceptional service and have been extremely attentive at all times. They have always helped us clarify any doubts we have had regarding their system. I want to especially thank Guillermo, who has been aware of our needs at all times. His dedication and availability have been truly impressive. I highly recommend SoftFabrics to anyone looking to improve the quality of technology service they offer to their customers.

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  • It has been over a year since we implemented the SoftFabrics system in our wedding system, and without a doubt, it has been a great help. It has reduced more than 50% of our administrative burden in this area. A very important aspect is that we can now effectively track and control the payments for each event, as well as send the information to the hotel in real time. This has allowed us to have better control and manage time more efficiently.

  • PLANNERS EDITION - Travel agency