The solution that allows you to issue tax documents, in accordance with the specifications of the SAT, allowing the electronic exchange of documents with your business partners, we have extensive experience in Electronic Invoice Issuance projects for Mexico and highly experienced collaborators for Electronic billing processes in Colombia.


Point of sale

- Sales control

- Inventories

- CXC clients

- Sections

- CxP providers

- Vendors

- Orders


- Issuance of CFDI invoices v4.0

web service

-Webservice ringing by txt (layout) v.4.0

-Xml ringing Webservice v4.0

-Webservice cancellations xml

- Tax mailbox

Client Portal

- Consultation of customer invoices

- Download xml and pdf documents


- Connector for stamping cfdi through a layout


  1. Integrate this tool directly into your ERP Using our stamping WS

  2. Multi-company solution

  3. Allows him to send your documents by EMAIL (XML and PDF)

  4. Dead file deletion.

  5. Supported documents, (invoice, credit note, charge note, consignment note, payments, payroll), also allows to attach additional documents

  6. We have multiple solutions to solve more areas in your company